Behaviour Bible : Chapter 2 (Verses 1-7)

Verses 1 - 7

The second chapter of the Behaviour Bible looks into the practicalities and processes of the actual consultation and how to make it as a behaviourist in the real world. Whilst the other two chapters teach content to a deeper level than other courses, this chapter covers elements often completely overlooked by many other providers—doing the actual job and running it as a successful business.

Chapter 2 is split into several parts, including a complete guide to optimising the consultation process. This chapter is everything we wish we had when we started consulting!

This includes:

Verse 1 : Attracting and Winning Clients

  • Client acquisition
  • Tracking marketing performance
  • Pricing strategies, tips & tricks
  • Commercial structure overview
  • Templates to streamline the process for you

Verse 2 : Pre-consultation Administration

  • Behaviour etiquette and case process
  • The SoCS hierarchy of practice
  • Initial contact guide
  • History template and case study analysis
  • Vet history, a guide to communicating with vets and an email template
  • Booking template emails
  • Remote consulting: pros, cons and considerations

Verse 3 : Preparation & Pre-training

  • Critical pre-session considerations
  • Pre-training videos both for you and your client
  • 17 ready-to-use pre-training videos for your clients with full professional explanations and troubleshoots
  • Key equipment guide & recommendations

Verse 4 : In-person Consultation

  • How to assess an owner
  • Onsite information gathering
  • How to assess the behaviour of a dog
  • Looking at motivations
  • Management theory, concepts and setups
  • Real-life training for real-life clients
  • Diagnosis and prognosis: a discussion

Verse 5 : Consultation Follow Up

  • Psychopharmacology
  • Rehoming
  • Report writing
  • Euthanasia
  • When to refer
  • The decision-making flowchart
  • How to make decisions in behaviour cases

Verse 6 : Research Methods

  • Hypothesis vs Research Questions
  • Data Collection Methodologies
  • Qualitative vs Quantitative
  • Sampling techniques
  • Statistics
  • Reliability & Validity
  • Objectivity & Biases
  • Standardisation
  • Generalisation
  • Understanding the limitations of research

Verse 7 : Behaviour Modification Techniques

  • Counter conditioning
  • Desensitisation
  • Flooding
  • Habituation
  • Differential reinforcement
  • Play therapy
  • Prevention
  • Ethical considerations
  • Training methodology

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